Portland Chinese School

Tuition And Fees Information

Amount Coverage Period 1
Registration Fee $35 Semester
Tuition 2,3 $270 Semester
Textbook Fee 4 1-2 grade: $37
3-8 grade: $29
9 grade: $33
10-12 grade: $15
Academic Year
AP Fee 5 $50 Semester
Parent Volunteer Deposit 6 $45 per family Semester
Library Deposit $20 per family New student only
One time only during attendance
Transcript Request $20 per copy Per copy per semester year

< Special Notes >

  1. Each academic year starts in September. There are two semesters in each academic year. The first semester runs from September to December. The second semester runs from January to June.
  2. 10% off on tuition for the 3rd child attending PCS
  3. Pre-registration discount on tuition is $10.
  4. Textbook fee does not apply to Pre-K and Kindergarten students.
  5. AP fee only apply to 9 th ~ 12 th grade students.
  6. Parent Volunteer Deposit is refunded if the volunteering hour requirement is met by the end of the semester.

You can download the School Registration Form here.