Guidelines For Skipping Grades

  1. System Summary:
    1. These rules apply only to regular basic classes and to students in grades 1 through 8.
    2. In general students are only allowed to skip one grade and then only after the joint evaluation of teachers and administrative staff unless there are special circumstances.
    3. Former class teachers must provide behavioral assesment of the student to the new teacher; Once in the new class the new teachers will also provide behavioral assessment. If it is determined that the student's behavior is disruptive to the class the student will not be allowed to skip.
  2. Eligibility Requirements:
    1. Student should have score of 90% (A-) or above for the current school year。
    2. Students can at most skip ahead to their current grade in english school. For example, if a student is in 4th grade in english school, but was admitted to Portland Chinese school into the 2nd grade, the farthest they could skip ahead would be to the 4th grade at PCS, thus matching their grade level in english school.
    3. The completion date will be the start of the next semester after the request is submitted. Transcripts need to be produced.
    4. Students need to receive a score of 80 (B) or above on the evaluation exam to be allowed to skip a grade.
  3. Evaluation Exam:
    1. Complete the registration form.
      Ask for a form from the administrative staff at the school or download it from the school's website. Fill out one form per student and submit it along with a $15 processing fee to the administrative center. Make checks payable to "Portland Chinese School".
    2. Application Deadline
      Applications must be received before the last day of the second semester. Applications must also include a recommendation email from the teacher submitted to the Academic advisor.
    3. Exam Content
      1. The school uses the OCAC Chinese primary school textbooks (newest edition) for grades one to eight.
        For example, your student is currently studying 5th grade but wants to skip to 7th grade next semester. The student will be tested on material in the texts through 6th grade level.
      2. The exam will cover the four categories of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  4. Exam Date
    The exam is held annually in August. The time and date will be announced by phone call or email. In case of exception the test can be reschudled during a school day. If you miss the test date because of your own failure to make it to the test the school will NOT offer a make-up exam.

Revised Jan. 2014